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If you don’t know about Amina or the topless jihads world wide today I suggest you get googling, Amina Tyler is a 19 year old woman who posted bare breasted photos with the slogan “My Body is My Own and Not the Source of Anyone’s Honor” on her chest. She was arrested and sentenced to “100 lashes” and being “stoned to death”. She went missing and in response FEMEN activists are staging bare cheated protests. This image displays a man kicking an activist protesting outside a mosque. WAKE UP. NUDITY IS NOT A CRIME.

I disagree with this so much and its actually disgusting and needs to be stopped. Im sorry but if you disagree with islams rulings then just leave the religion, dont disrespect a religion, this is just plain disrespectful

Tony Talbert

Haunted Thrills, October 1954.